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New Project Delivered at Hotel Grand Continental Kuala Lumpur

🏨 Project Spotlight: Elevating Hotel Grand Continental Kuala Lumpur’s Comfort We are thrilled to showcase our recent project at Hotel Grand Continental Kuala Lumpur! Despite the room’s smaller size, we spared no effort in transforming it into a haven of modern luxury. Our dedicated team worked diligently to give it a fresh and contemporary look. […]

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Foong’s Legacy

Foong’s Legacy – A Trailblazer in Adapting Sauna Concepts to Malaysia’s Unique Environment Foong started his remarkable 30-year journey in the sauna industry in Malaysia, where he has revolutionized the field by adapting sauna concepts to the local environment and successfully catering to resorts, hotels, clubhouses, and condominium facilities. His exceptional work in adapting sauna […]

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